Welcome to Wine Experience Amsterdam

Every Saturday and Sunday you can taste special wines, perfectly matching cheeses and other fine pairings within walking distance of Amsterdam Central Station. During the tasting we will take you on a journey from old Amsterdam through the whole world from the brand new IJcatcher pavilion.

We make a small historical journey through Amsterdam and we tell you about inns, wine barrels that were used as 'suyphuys' (booze house) and the lively wine and cheese trade.

But, as befits the Dutch commercial spirit, the journey continues through Europe and even around the world, from California and Japan and from India and Indonesia to Croatia and Georgia.

The tasting is packed with historical facts about Amsterdam, fun facts about wine and you will learn how to pair wine and food.

A surprising, tasty and entertaining journey of discovery

Location: IJcatcher wine bar, Piet Heinkade 59A
Duration tasting: 1,5 hrs
Dates: Every Saturday and Sunday at various times (check the calendar)
Price: 39,95 per person introduction price (normal 47,50)

The primary language for our presentations is Dutch. If there are non-Dutchies present, we will ask which language we shall use for the presentation. It can be done in Dutch, English or both Dutch and English. So, if you are a non-Dutchie, you can book your tickets now and we will be happy to guide you in English.

IJcatcher is a brand new (wine) bar located in a glass pavilion on the water next to the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam and the Music Theatre / BIMhuis.

Wine Experience Amsterdam is a collaboration of IJcatcher.nl and wine importer Croatiangrapes.com

The tastings include exclusive products from Fromagerie L’Amuse, De Oesterij, Pure Ham, Feravino Winery and Enosophia.

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Kaas en wijn